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The Crypto World Zug Conference 2019


A place to breathe and learn blockchain and crypto

We are a non profit organisation that found that there were a lot of people trying to sell concepts and projects through ICOs and private sales but not enough trying to educate. 

And that is our mission. 

Educating anyone that wants to find out more about blockchain and cryptocurrency in a relaxed setting.  

We are aiming to create a space and an atmosphere where everyone can ask questions without having to be worried about a perceived lack of knowledge.

And this is what we have achieved with the amazing community we have created so far.  We are helping each other out with all different kinds of exiting projects or just listening to what others have dreamt up in decentralised cyberspace.

Its a place where hopefully all can be happy and learn.


Join our network of Blockchain and Crypto entrepreneurs, founders, coders and enthousiasts


regular updates on what is going on in the Blockchain and Crypto Space in the Crypto Valley


Where and When is our next meetup planned. Join our group and do not get left behind

What we talk about

During our weekly chats we cover a different range in topics

  • the news of crypto that week
  • guest speakers on popular topics
  • trading
  • trading skills
  • bot development 
  • legal implications
  • ICO investments
  • own projects by group members

Join our next meetup

We get together every other Wednesday. Twice per month in Zug

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