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Late last year we (@felander, @santana33, @ecaril and Marcos) started a Blockchain and crypto themed meet-up group @cryptoworldzug with a few other likeminded souls here in the Crypto Valley of Zug in Switzerland.

Our topics were and still are:

  • education
  • awareness of Steem and Blockchain
  • trading skills
  • understanding the markets
  • getting the know more likeminded people in a relaxed setting

For that we founded the CryptoWorldZug Meetup in January and we grew from 10 members to 310 and counting.  Feel free to join us if you feel like it, we are welcoming all new members with open arms.

you can check it out here:

Crypto World Zug

Zug, CH
311 Crypto Friends

Our Community is about everything crypto. We are bringing together people from the most diverse backgrounds, but with one thing in common: the passion for crypto and blockchai…

Next Meetup

Grand Opening of CWZ New Location @ Alte Börse in Zurich!

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018, 7:00 PM
19 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

We have been hosting weekly meetups since the beginning of the year and had a great time doing that. Around March we found out that the location we had been able to use freely would no longer be available. So we had to start looking for another place and landed on the Office lab in Zug. It was the renovated post office that had been turned into a nice modern co-working space.

The one catch was… it was no longer free and so we had to start to pay monthly rent. For that we had to set up a non profit association so that we would have a legal entity in case anything happened.

Things were getting more serious.

To fund our activities we invited some ICO’s to come and present their projects and after the first couple we made it a requirement that if they did want to tell their story it would not be in the form of a sales pitch since we wanted it to remain educational. This was a concept that worked quite well and out of these contacts we came up with a second idea

We got our heads together and set up our CryptoWorldZug conference that we hosted with a nice educational theme in the Parkhotel in Zug on the 12th and 13th of June. Again lots of voluntary work with some expenses involved. Another step further and another experience richer.

Now it is time for the next big steps.

  • We have revamped the website (I will admit it is still a work in progress and any feedback is welcome)
    check it out on and the blogs posted there are linked to the Steem blockchain automatically through this amazing plugin @steempress
  • Next Wednesday we are starting biweekly Meet-ups in our new location in Zürich that came out of an offer by the amazing guys from MyMultiMiner to share their office space with us.
    If you are in the Zurich area next week feel free to stop on by. Just sign up and get yourself a free ticket.
  • We are launching a Crypto Trading Course that will last 10 weeks and will be taught by a professional crypto trader.
  • For that we have also launched a membership programme. So anyone willing to become a member and support our activities then please let me know.
  • We also accept Steem and SBD but this is a manual process and has not been updated on the site yet. This will just be put in the @cryptoworldzug account and powered up. Anyone willing to sponsor and appear as such on our website can feel free to either leave a comment or use the comment section on the website.

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