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Crypto legal masterclass

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Would you like to know more about the legal status of the crypto world?

Then, it is time for you to join us in the legal hallways and start learning how to look at cryptocurrencies from the standpoint of a lawyer.

We will spend time presenting on the various legal issues.  But not only that, we will break into groups (depending on the size of the audience) and work through various hypotheticals–discuss the potential problems and issues, apply the legal rules presented, and then discuss ways to solve any problems. Optimally, someone would bring their actual project to the workshop and we could all discuss.

In other words, get everyone involved. 

However, for the newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies it is perfectly normal to feel  overwhelmed.

It is also normal to feel confused by all these new terms and concepts associated with trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It really does not matter if you are completely new to the market or are an already established project.

With our courses at Crypto World Zug will provide you with an introduction to get you familiar with the latest trends and updates that matter to your case…

The topics that will be covered in this course:

What legal consideration to consider when taking custody or exchanging customer fiat or crypto
  • AML risks and obligations in Switzerland and in other countries
  • Possible license and registration requirements
  • Proposed changes in Swiss law that may make this all easierOnboarding customers–what to plan for when taking crypto or fiat
Creating Crypto-Funds–ways to create collective investments in crypto assets
  • Possible fund structures and classifications
  • What licenses and registrations are necessary
  • Structures that can possibly decrease cost and licensing requirements
Is your Token a Security?
  • Current status of securities rules in Switzerland
  • Considering securities rules in other countries
  • The process for moving complying with securities regulations
Tax Considerations for Crypto
  • Swiss income tax for mining, ICOs and selling crypto
  • Forgotten taxes: Wealth Tax, VAT, Stamp Duty
  • Tax issues for multi-national owners of crypto companies
Structuring your Crypto Company
  • What are the entity options in Switzerland
  • What are the pros and cons of each
  • Moving an existing entity into Switzerland

length :

5 weeks  

Start :

Tuesday 30 Oktober  


3 hours per session


CHF 1200 non members / CHF 999 members


entrepeneur or crypto project owner




5 participants


laptop / (tablet)

meet your instructor: 

International tax and regulatory attorney dedicated to helping crypto and blockchain companies navigate the complicated and ever-changing global legal landscape

Chris Murrer

Attorney at Baker McKenzie Zurich

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