Crypto Trading Competition

We @cryptoworldzug are really grateful to have partnered up with MyMultiMiner.  But they are part of the Auf Der Mauer Gruppe and here is where it gets interesting.

The ADM group has partnered with a Wall Street Hedge Fund and are looking to set up a trading desk here in Zürich Switzerland.  For that they are hosting a Crypto Trading Competition. More and more participants are joining that competition and we’re really happy about that but we want to help spread the word.

If you are someone who’s interested in Forex or Crypto trading or you know someone that is.  Then this is a chance for him/her to compete with other traders and win prize money.

But not only will you be competing for a part of a cool prize pot ADM are also using this competition to see who could be eligible for the chance to be apart of our new Crypto trading desk in Switzerland. Seats in the crypto desk are limited, so they better be trading fast.

So hurry up and sign up…  You might get your dream job out of it…

Go to and take control of your future

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