CWZ meetup Zug 29/08/18

CWZ meetup Zug 29/08/18

So here it is, the first blog written on our newly revamped website…  I really want to thank Nicolas for sending us the some tips on integrating the membership page. 
We are now working on getting that same option but with at least BTC.

When you have found your way here I do hope you will also consider getting a membership that would support our activities going further into the future. 

We will diligently continue spreading (did not want to say preaching here) the word of Blockchain here in the Crypto Valley and your contribution will really help us do that.

Where better to do it then in the center of Switzerland, a place that has become a hub in innovation and progressive thinking.  Even the banks seem to be opening up.

So on this last Wednesday of August we had a few more people come around but we are still on our summer schedule.  There was no official theme set but we did manage to get some organisational questions out of the way. 

Chris has now officially joined the team as a legal advisor for the association. Click the link to see his linkedin profile if you want to check the credentials.  What is more important is that he really is a cool and funny guy.  You can see him in action soon in the

So keep an eye out on our Calender to see some updated events with a bit more flesh to the programme rather then the informal chats that we have been having over the summer.

And as a last thing I have added this blog to the @Steempress plugin on wordpress so I am very curious to see if it posts through.

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