Member Perks: Exclusive Crypto Summit 2018 discount
Crypto Summit 2018 20% discount

Member Perks: Exclusive Crypto Summit 2018 discount

So we are now live as an association and are setting up cooperations with different players and entities in the crypto space.  Not only here in the Crypto Valley in Switzerland but also reaching out to up and coming places like Malta or Singapore.  So definitely stay tuned for more information on this blog or on our website.

The opportunity I am writing about now is the deal that has been struck for our members with Crypto Summit 2018 organised by Smart Valor here in Zürich, Switzerland.  
This event is now taking place for the 3rd time and really promises to be huge.  Just take a look at the line up.  For our members we have received a nice discount code that will allow them to get the early bird tickets price with an additional discount until the 20th of Oktober. The link below leads to where you can see the discount code to use. 

Just login as a member and it will show up.

This is one of the things that we are building to make sure our members are getting an amazing benefit out of being part of the Crypto World Zug Association.  So join us now for just 5 CHF per month

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